yes, i really did cure my beat reflux…

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yes, i really did cure my beat reflux

hello! if you have beat reflux (gerd), and nothing you’ve tried has provided true relief, this information will surely help you.

if you don’t know me, my name is janusz i figured i’d make a quick post here to share with some fellow sufferers how i ended up finding a natural cure for my beat reflux.

i’ve had beat reflux disease, heartburn and a stomach ulcer for the last 10 years. for the first 5 years or so, i tried to battle the problem with antacid products, both tablet and liquid form. they somewhat helped for a while, but it eventually got to the point where they weren’t working anymore at all.

then i tried changing my diet. that helped a little, but the burning and nausea were still there.

after that, i started taking prilosec. every few months or so, i stopped taking it for a day or two, but the pain always came back and it just seemed like my beat reflux was getting even worse. i thought i was going to be stuck taking medication for the rest of my life.
i am totally, totally surprised. i’m grateful to david publications for doing the research and making the reflux remedy available to me.

hope this helps some people,

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En que consiste la cura para el reflux?


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