winning at numbers with binary

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binary configuration for the pick 3 lottery - part i: the pick 3 lottery & all of the play patterns this is a newly authored book showing the culmination and configuration of the number system for numbers to 9 when applied to the pick 3 lottery numbers 000 to 999 detailing all numbers in binary formatting. in essence, there are 25 pre sets of binary number and those 25 sets contain all derived subsets of numbers from 000 to 999. all numbers are then categorized, allowing for easy number selections when playing any of the pick 3 lottery games, worldwide. the 588 pages of this book is pretty much laid out as follows: reciprocal number mapping > p3 subsets defined > low and high determination of the reciprocal mapping and binary consolidation > binary consolidation > new interpretation for break even points (critically paramount for understanding play and win percentages) > the collective_boxed 6 ways_low and high determinant\\\'s > back testing the system > attributes applied to the back testing process > lrc and lr_numbers to select and play in the pick 3 lottery selection methodology. to view the book on the amazon website, use the following link: notes district columbia

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