what you should know about work comp audits

Contractor Indianapolis 18/05/2018 05:51
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workers’ compensation insurance is state mandated and provides employees with payments for work related injuries and occupational illness including payments for medical expenses and for loss time from work (indemnity). there are no limits on medical claims, although each state establishes an amount on a loss of limb, death, and varying degrees of partial or permanent disability. loss time or indemnity payments are normally a payment equaling two-thirds (2/3) of an employee’s usual wage. an employee normally becomes eligible for indemnity payments after three (3) lost days of work. our workcompaudit identifies and recovers workers’ compensation premium overcharges by reviewing the past five to seven years of classifications, experience rating calculations and premium audit calculations.

experience indicates that over 70% of all companies have been or are currently overcharged for their workers’ compensation premiums. find out about the brief survey we conduct to determine your initial savings, no upfront fees. we don't get paid unless you save.

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