up to 9600 tax credit for each new person hired

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Consultancy - Madison 

did you know you could be getting a tax credit of $9600 for each person you hire?

also, realize an average savings of 21% on processing fees from credit cards w/o changing providers.

we are involved with business enhancement and keeping dealerships informed of 2018 federal tax programs is very important to us. we’ve identified a tax credit that your company definitely qualifies for.

this program falls under the worker’s opportunity tax credit (wotc), and is a federal tax credit available to all employers who hire and retain qualified individuals. employers currently claim about $1 billion in credits each year under the wotc program. the average credit per qualified employee is $2,400 and can be as much as $9,600.

some of our clients are familiar with the wotc program and it’s benefits but have not taken advantage of it due to it’s historically difficult qualification process. we’ve eliminated all difficulties of this process with the creation of our exclusive client portal. we’ve provided you an easy way to pre qualify and capture your tax credits.

if you’re wondering “if” you qualify, the answer is any business that hires employees qualifies.

to get started simply use link below and answer the two questions provided. http://yourwotc.com

the benifts of our wotc services:

*screen before hiring
*real time reporting on applicants
*no deep dive to try us, only month-to-month, no contract
*it does 90% of the work
*start today in minutes consultancy madison

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