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Friendship San francisco 04/06/2018 08:27
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Friendship - San francisco 


hi friend,

today i want to tell you how i spiced things up with my wife of 9 years.

if you're completely stuck in a rut with your lovemaking, then you'll definitely appreciate this. i'm going to get a little personal with you here. don't worry, no details. :d

a few weeks ago, i noticed that the lovemaking between me and my wife was getting a little too familiar. after a few sessions, i decided to come out with it and tell her that i thought we needed to make our lovemaking tasty again.

thinking i was about to offend her, i was surprised to discover she felt exactly the same way. so after our little discussion, i decided to start looking around for some ideas on how to heat things up again. and what i found were positions, techniques and locations we'd already tried and other ideas that i really wasn't willing to try. it was useless. check it out at: http://januszek13.lovehouse.hop.clickbank.net friendship san francisco

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