treasure cove fortune finder platinum digital metal detector set

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treasure cove fortune finder platinum digital metal detector set (model: tc-3020)

spend hours of relaxing fun with this fortune finder digital metal detector set model tc-3020 by treasure cove. the treasure cove fortune finder platinum didtal metal detector is an updated model with with updated technology and a deeper reach. the tc-3020 includes everything that you need to get started searching for buried treasure. it features a large lcd digital display, showing metal type and depth. three distinctive alerts for different types of metal ferrous/non-ferrous discriminator distinguishes iron/steel from silver/gold. comes with sand sifter. carrying case, and headphones. great exercise and great fun!

product features

digital display; adjustable discriminitation
notch discrimination: ignores junk metals and finds just the metal types you are searching for
three audio tones: low for gold rings, nails, bottle caps or nickels; medium for gold, aluminum pull-tabs. zinc or copper; high for brass or silver
8 open-face waterproof search coil for hunting in muddy conditions or in shallow water
sand sifter; headphones and carrying case.

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