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Software - washington 

the software tcm pro uses traditional acupuncture points for ryodoraku measurement.

features of clients tab: it is possible to add a new client or edit or delete information on existing client. with the help of a clients id or name, last name, city, phone, date of birth, email you can search for a necessary client within software database. a user can add the client's picture in the card.

diagnostic function: gives an information about tested point (its description, location and indication) the user is able to shift to another points testing with time delay, it is possible to set necessary time when the software shifts to another points measurement ( may be useful for a beginner). by default the software is set to 3 seconds when it shifts to another point measurement.

charts review: traditional graph of 12 meridians, left and right sides. linear diagram to view changes in a span of time. mark necessary test dates, view and compare how physiological response changed within a period of time. horary diagram.

ryodoraku symptoms it is possible to mark them in the software, view left and right side, yin and yang, excessive or deficient results or all together.

choose a diagnostic category: appearance examination (hair, face, etc.) hearing and smelling: sound of voice and breath, breath odour. interview and information gathering: health history, complaints, etc. or choosing all diagnostic modalities.

color therapy function inbuilt in the software: the program recommends color and points which are necessary to influence. a user is able to set his own color palette and use created color for subsequent use. color can be generated with a certain frequency within 1 hz up to 50 hz range.

price 890 euro device with software

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