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note: it�s all in the approach, if someone believes you are important, they will treat you differently

1 � use a calm and relaxed voice. smile and confidently greet with energy and ease! make sure you answer any question about the nature of your call with confidence and authority.

2 � don�t use a script! a good gatekeeper will recognize it immediately and you will be shut down. instead, plan your talking points but leave room for improvisation. speak slowly and articulately. the gatekeeper will notice if you are rushing through the call.

3 � engage the gatekeeper, learn their name. write it down and use it while you speak to them. be friendly, this will result in a positive attitude from the gatekeeper the next time you speak.

4 � don�t give out more information than is necessary. remember, you are not selling to the gatekeeper. you don�t need to go into detail with them, keep it simple! tell them who you are calling for, do not ask if the decision maker is available.

5 � do your research, approach with familiarity of the business and of the decision maker. use the first name of the decision maker. make it personal! if you don�t know who the decision maker is, ask the gatekeeper. a simple question of, �who is in charge of�� can hep immensely. ask for the best time to call, a direct number to call, email address to follow up with, etc.

6 � be positive, if you�re asked if he or she is expecting your call. answer positively with, �yes, i�ve sent information that we need to discuss.� you may want to give a sense of urgency by adding, �by the close of business.� to your positive response.

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