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we all need to spice up our lovemaking at one time or another. in fact, it's very important to the well being of your relationship! however, with so many lovemaking books out there, does michael webb's latest addition to his lovemaking collection size up and stand out from the crowd? let's find out…

the oprah expert's latest book called “sex all around the house” takes a very different turn for ways to spice up your lovemaking. rather than talking about positions, techniques and locations, this book focuses on how everyday household items - yes, the ones already laying around your house - can be used to spice things up. on first glance, i was a little hesitant of the idea of using things from my house… i mean how many could there possibly be? ice, oils, candles? come on! however, i was actually surprised by the amount of unique and wonderful things you can use, and i quote, “to get your partner's engine revving.”
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