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Parties events Chicago 04/09/2019 21:15
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Parties events - Chicago 

sacha psychic sacha would like to ask you a few questions for a change ? who will you love ?
what career is best for you?
what days will be lucky?
who are your true friends ?
well if you don't know any of the answers to these very important questions, than you can ask sacha and let her give you the all the answers?

the knowing of the four elements: fire, earth, air, water. what it means too you and the way you live your life...
amazing card numerology.
the meaning of birthstone colors.
an astrological guide to travel.
a removeable compatibility wheel and more! theres good luck and theres bad luck, both fates can follow you for the rest of your life .
the right person can bring you deep happinees and the wrong person can bring nothing but misery.
the right job can make you feel comeplete and useful and provide you the money, power, and respect you deserve
the wrong job will keep you down and make you feel that all you have right to.
there are spirits out there that will bring you true happiness.
sacha knows which spirits are good for you and which spirits need to go!
call her today at 954-330-9188 in miami fl. 33138
for more information & appointment..
sacha is a caring, accurate and genuine psychic . working with tarot cards & palm, readigs and crystals, 40 years in service. parties and private readings . i answer all calls personally by appointment only. to book a personal reading call 954-330-9188 or e-mail at parties events chicago

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