premise structure retro low voltage wiring and home theater installation services

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“why structure wiring”? i will tell you a little about it, structure wiring is having the home or business prewired. pre-wiring is usually done prior to the occupancy of the premises. (at least we like it better) structure wiring can be done anytime the structure does not have to be vacant. low voltage cables for example cat5e cat6 are the wires that connect to the internet and telephone service. not only that that same type of cable can be used for audio and video signal, for keypad controllers, intercom, entry access systems and the such. with the cat5e and 6 coaxial is also ran, it’s purpose is to receive the cable signal or satellite signal. all of those cables are ran from each room to a central location. this location can be used to store the components like cable boxes audio receiver, modem, router etc., so there it is structure wiring in a nutshell.
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