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the value of playfish cash in pet society (playfish cash in pet society)

if you’ve played any of playfish’s other popular games like restaurant city or country story, then you are likely already at least partially familiar with playfish cash. just like those other games playfish cash in pet society serves the purpose of unlocking certain higher level and rare items that you would not otherwise be able to buy. it also allows you to access things like the nannybot which is a great way to maintain your account while you are not logged on. but, for many people who are new to the game or who don’t want to spend real money on a facebook game, other questions come into the mix regarding playfish cash.
what playfish cash in pet society can do
playfish cash can be used to buy nannybots and batteries which can be used to feed and wash your pet automatically when you are offline. you can also use the playfish cash to upgrade your character in ways that coins cannot. this includes buying rare foods and items for the house that may look cooler or allow you to stand out in special ways. the cash won’t however help you play the game faster or get you to level 47 more easily. do you really need playfish cash in pet society?

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