overcoming your fear of rejection

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Man seeking woman Sacramento 04/06/2018 08:27
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Man seeking woman - Sacramento 

overcoming your fear of rejection

you look up and see a girl and she's your type. you lock eyes for a moment like a pair of deer caught in each other's headlights. she acknowledges you with a mild curiosity in her eyes... waiting. seconds grind by like hours, and you can feel the moment gurgling away like drain-o down a sewer. you're vaguely aware there's a play to be made here, but you're totally unprepared. something distracts her then -- she turns away... the train pulls out, she gets into a cab, the bell rings for class. the moment vanishes like a ghost as though it had never existed in the first place. but you will see it over and over again in your mind won't you? re-played a hundred times.

if you've ever known the agony of watching a chance encounter ripe with romantic possibility slip away while you stood helplessly and watched, then you know all about the lowest moment in a man's life. fear of having our romantic advances rejected by a woman still remains the #1 most difficult aspect of trying to hook up. and it may in fact be worse today than ever before in the past. after all, when have men ever been at such a social disadvantage to women as they are today... what with the complete collapse of any sort of culturally insistent need for them to act subservient in our presence? when have they ever been as sarcastic, demanding or casually judgmental of our fumbling actions?... or as secure in expressing them -- since they now have the full protection of the law (including government and corporate anti-harassment rules) protecting them from any serious blowback?....

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