(nice guys can learn to get the girl too)

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Woman seeking woman Sacramento 04/06/2018 08:27
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Woman seeking woman - Sacramento 

nice guys can learn to get the girl too

i'm sure you're familiar with these women who sound like broken records as they wax poetic about their desire to land a ice guy. i especially hear too much of it whenever i happen to flip onto one of these afternoon talk shows: ...but opal (name of god-like tv talk show host changed to protect my innocent bank account from total destruction), there's no one out there for me to date -- all the guys are such losers. i just want to meet a... nice guy... waahhh!

well, if you consider yourself to be one of these ice guys whom these women all claim to be searching for, but you still find yourself striking out with everything other than the very bottom of the food chain, then you must surely know what an enormous load of bs this is. so why do women keep it up with all this mythical nice guy stuff? as usual they are speaking in their own little code, which of course women are famous for doing in order to keep men thoroughly confused i guess. http://0845.com/jxv

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