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how to make coins with mystery boxes in pet society (mystery boxes)

mystery boxes are one of those things that end up being central to almost every aspect of pet society. from the most basic coin making methods to the more extreme traders and collectors in the game, mystery boxes are a primary piece of currency that you will need to learn how to buy and sell effectively if you’re serious about rising in the ranks of the game. you’re never going to be at the top of pet society, in coins or in level, if you don’t spend some time figuring out how to integrate these seemingly simple purchases into your game play. what mystery boxes are there?
there are three basic types of mystery boxes – each of them different in size and contents. the first mystery box is red and is sometimes called a small mystery box. it costs 50 coins and contains items worth between 50 and 200 coins. the next box is blue and costs 200 coins and contains items worth between 200 coins and 1000 coins. the next box is the gold box and costs 500 coins and contains items worth between 500 and 3000 coins. how do you make coins with mystery boxes? veterinarians sacramento

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