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Services - Fresno 

*up to $200,000
*answer in 24-hours
*debt not credited to your personal credit report
*one page pre-qualification services fresno

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Array | 09-01

Please write me back through my private email. (


Larry Potter | 09-01

Good Afternoon I work with Stryde Solutions (USA only), which you might consider adding to your services (seems like it would be a nice fit with your current field). We help USA businesses save money in 5 different ways with no upfront fees. If we don't provide savings, we don't get paid. Stryde pays you nice commissions (some recur monthly). We Help Clients Grow in 5 Key Ways with NO upfront fees....and they do not have to change providers SPECIALIZED TAX INCENTIVES CREDIT CARD MERCHANT AUDIT WASTE AND RECYCLING AUDIT WORK COMP INSURANCE AUDIT PARCEL SHIPPING EXPENSE AUDIT With your contacts, you could really boost your income while performing your current duties... All you have to do is have a potential client take a 5-minute survey and within seconds, you and they see what they could save. One of our national reps then takes over and keeps you in the loop. We provide an app for the device of your choice. Our Fees to our clients are based on a portion of their savings we are able to obtain for them. Agents share in the fees we charge our clients. These would be your commissions, some of which are paid monthly for several years: Credit Card Audit – 30% of Fee Waste & Recycling Audits – 30% of Fee Workers Comp Audit – 30% of Fee Cost Segregation – 15% of Fee Property Tax Review – 7.5% of Fee Research & Development Credit – 7.5% of Fee *Plus: If you want to build a team, you earn 2.5% On Your Team's Activity! It's not required though. Best Regards, Larry Potter Stryde Solutions