Massage bamboo tool kit

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description massage bamboo kit is an elegant edition to any spa or salon that is looking
for the highest quality in massage and also at the comfort of your home.

massage bamboo tool kits
provides a deep state of relaxation by choosing deeper layers of tight muscles, relieves
aches, pains and improves blood
circulation and skin tone.
deeply relaxing.
the bamboo massage or..........the bamboo therapy !

according to a special massaging techniques bamboos sticks of various sizes and previously oiled are passed on the body.
it is a stimulating massage which alternates firmness and softness, a more or less strong pressure is exerted accordingly to the part of the body which is massed.
muscles are shortened, tensions are disciplined and united, the blood circulation activated.
massage bamboo: is safe and effective when used for stress management, but it is also widely used to help obtain relieve from many specific problems, including the following

-migraines-low back pain
-post injury rehabilitation-circulatory problems
-whiplash-leg aches
-respiratory problems-tendonitis/bursitis
-arthritis-neck and shoulder pain.....

massage can benefit people of all ages and conditions-babies, children, pregnant women.animals. the elderly, and those with chronic care.

different tools kit.
massage bamboo monty kit ----------- $ 39.99
massage bamboo koi kit -------- $ 29.99
massage bamboo tiki kit -------- $ 24.99
massage bamboo shorty kit ----- $ 19.99

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