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the fastest route to leveling up in pet society (leveling up in pet society)

like any good facebook game, pet society has a vicious leveling curve that can be incredibly deceiving. when you get started, you think you can make it to the top in just a few short days, but once you get to around level 10, the speed drops off sharply and you quickly find that leveling up in pet society is not only tough, it is extremely time consuming. so, it is important to know every way in which you can gain paw points, the de facto experience markers in this game. if you can load up on enough of these points, you’ll b able to quickly rise to the top of the game without wasting a large chunk of time in the process.
how leveling in pet society works
leveling is based on paw points, which you gain for just about everything you do in the game. you will get paw points for every time you feed your pet, every time you increase cleanliness or happiness with cleaning and petting, for every time you do 5 ball tosses, frisbee throws, or jump ropes in a row (this is unlimited), and anytime you buy items. http://tinyurl.com/ylj6vqb i thank you for taking the time to read this short report januszjanulis
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