(how to meet women in bars and clubs)

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how to meet women in bars and clubs

bars and nightclubs can be tough for a lot of guys insofar as meeting women is concerned -- they are not part of the ormal world in the sense that many of the usual social techniques that we use to keep each other entertained crash and burn in this environment. the women look extra hot and are densely concentrated in one big room, but that's where the advantages over ordinary life pretty much end for most of us. everybody has their eyes focused on the top 20% of the hottest bodies moving around them like sleek, beautiful animals (and this goes for both the men and the women). because of this understandable fantasy phenomenon, the rest of us look lessened and low quality in the shadow of the visually hottest.

for instance, if you happen to have the male disease of shortness like i do, you will seem that much shorter and perhaps even comical standing next to the towering, muscular sven or his rap star look-alike buddy at the nightclub. girls who would otherwise pick up a flirt in a grocery store isle will reject you in a heartbeat simply for failing to make that top 20% cut. it's an environment that requires a thick skin for casual rejection if you happen to strike an average pose, to say the least.

with that in mind, here's 5 important things to know about successfully socializing within the fantasy universe of bars and clubs:
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i thank you for taking the time to read this short report januszjanulis
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