Home automation low voltage instrument wiring and installation

Electricians Los angeles 14/05/2019 15:58
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what is structured wiring?
structured wiring is having all of the cables ran from a central location which we refer to as service closet. your service providers will bring their signal to the service closet. at the service closet (this can be a small room like a closet) as long as it is central location so that the cable guy, internet and phone people can get to it. it has to be on the first floor also. the service closet will house all of the cables bringing the signal in; from there the signal will be need to be split/distributed to each location. are you still there? as i was saying at the service closet a utility box will have to installed / mounted on the wall an flat piece of board. the size will depend on how many cables are ran. now we have the signal ready to split. so a cable splitter will be mounted inside the utility box. this splitter will send the cable tv signal to every cable box.. a 66 block for the telephone lines that comes in one size. the internet modem will be also mounted in the box. that box will feed signal to the designated areas like bedroom, home office, den, kitchen, bathroom, outdoors, guest room etc., the cable types are cat5e cat6 which are used for the internet service, telephone service, fax lines, intercoms, cctv entry access, card readers and keypads are some examples. also coaxial cable, coax for short. this is very important if you like to watch cable tv.
one great option is that the cable boxes donít have to be where the tv is . they can be in the service closet. the great thing is that the remote will work. that is provided that an extra cat5e is ran (it is always good to have a couple of extra cables ran if you plan on upgrading or expanding in the future). electricians los angeles

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