high voltage insulation megohmmeter

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high voltage insulation megohmmeter is composed of medium and large scale integrated circuits. this meter has large output power high short-circuit current value and large output voltage grades (there are four voltage grades). the working principle is as follows: the dc high voltage generated by the battery inside the machine as power supply and converted by dc/dc reaches the l pole from the e pole by the tested product so as to generate a current from e to l pole. after i/v conversion and operation by the divider the measured insulation resistance value is directly displayed by lcd.

technical parameters:

working conditions environment temperature:0℃~+45℃
relative humidity:≤85%rh
output voltage level 500v,1000v,2000v,2500v
measurement range 0~19990mΩ
resolution 0.01mΩ,0.1mΩ,1.0mΩ,10.0mΩ
relative error


voltage/load 2500v/20mΩ
voltage drop about10%
short-circuit current >1.6ma
direct current 8×1.5v(aaï¼r6)battery
alternating current 220v/50hz
power quiescent dissipation≤160mw;maximum powerâ¤2.5w
volume 235×200×135mm3
weight ï¼1.4kg electricians huntsville

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