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our superman logo clear stickers are from the superman. superman is a superhero of dc comics in the united states. he wears a blue tights and a red cape, with the s symbol in the shape of a shield on his chest. when we see the s of this logo we think of it as an abbreviation for superman, but it has deeper implications. first, its main red and yellow colors represent strength and confidence, but the color can also be seen as a representative of the character's background: roa, superman's family planet krypton's sun is red; and the yellow of the earth gave him strength. second, the iconic diamond shape - especially when traversed through a muscular torso - also shows courage, strength and durability.

our superman logo clear sticker is custom clear die-cut sticker, sticky very good; can be used many times. our company's custom stickers are free of postage and customization fee. if you want cheap and high quality custom stickers, come to us. our contact email address is info@gs-jj.com and telephone number is 1-888-864-4755

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