ground continuity tester

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product description:

ground continuity tester is the connecting part of power equipment and grounding gird, during long time run of power equipment, connection is likely due to moisture and other factors, node corrosion, even fracture phenomenon, lead to lead off the assembly line and the main grounding grid connection point resistance increase, there is no security risk in the operation of the equipment, serious when will cause the equipment to run away from the grounding grid.

technical index:

technical parameter

current 10a、5a、1a、100ma

range 10a: 500μΩ~2Ω

5a: 1mΩ~4Ω

1a: 10mΩ~20Ω


resolution 0.1μΩ

precision ±(0.2%r+2d)

radius 50m

dimension 345mm×295mm×175mm

weight 5kg

operation condition

temperature -10℃~50℃

humidity ≤85%rh

power supply ac220v±10%

frequency 50±1hz


the instrument adopts a new power supply technology, which can realize the rapid measurement of grounding resistance.

large current, wide measurement range, small size, light weight, easy to operate.

with perfect protection circuit and discharge alarm function, reduce misuse, strong reliability.

using high speed micro controller, automatic data acquisition and display resistance.

using 192*64 large screen lcd, outdoor display clearly visible.

built in large capacity non-volatile memory, can store 500 sets of measured data.

built in usb controller, can store 10000 sets of measured data.

built in high precision rtc function: data and time calibration. electricians huntsville

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