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Jewellery - Orange county 

our products are manufactured with a very high level of requirement on quality and to obtain the finished product are applied five layers of bath and the last three layers of gold.
1st qualifying gold
2nd layer gold 18k 3rd layer gold 24k
to offer this quality, we use the body part a metal called tomback that is more expensive than others used, just for having a greater adherence to the bath applied.
the finish is handmade and reflects the beauty of a true jewel, with a deep layer of gold applied to its surface and if properly used, makes it incredibly resistant to weather and a durability not seen in other brands.
in some models we use stones that are synthetic or imitations of crystals according to each model.
who buys our goods wants besides a beautiful gold plated jewelry, a product with great durability and similar to a true jewelry.
are you interested in learn more, come to talk with us. jewellery orange county

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