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Academy tranfers - New york city 

my lucrative home-based company is for sale. turn-key operation. recession-proof industry. easily makes 2k+ week!! plenty of room for growth.
we provide optimization services for:
* ethanol from corn * ethanol from lignocellulosics * energy from biomass conversion
in our assessment, we evaluate the theoretical sugar content of your feedstock and compare it with the clients current production results. since this is always less than the theoretical production rate, we evaluate the cost of different performance increase solutions - use of particular enzymes and improved equipment - and do a benefit/cost analysis.
our evaluation includes proprietary technology and results of our research projects developed hosting the ww.ethanol project.

what’s included:
1. the website, with the domain name.
2. assessment template. 3. list of suppliers, for enzyimes 4. pricing/estimating data. 5. more than 100 mb of documentation. 6. keywords and ads that generated the most revenue on google. 7. i will do your first two assessments for your first two clients and i will provide support, on the phone and email,
8. my list to 75 free advertisement websites for you to use to advertise your new business.
9. twitter business account #ethanolbiofuel academy tranfers new york city

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