(creating good vibes on a first date)

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creating good vibes on a first date
while first dates will probably always be nerve-wracking events for most of us guys, they don't have to become a parade of hurt feelings and blown opportunities if you'll just stick to one of my own personal rules for first dating. and what is that?... forget about the squishy romantic first date! really? well, after boatloads of costly trial and error, i have concluded that it might be time to put the classic lance romance style first date out to pasture for good. you know what i'm talking about here?... the kind of deal where you break out the old american express card and spring for the best candlelight dinner at some upscale bistro with the most expensive menu around?

these formal dates invariably tended to find some way of turning into exploding cigars on me... and i've got the scorch marks all over my bank account to prove it!

the ability to impress women with this sort of old fashioned, dating-by-the-numbers junk has been steadily losing its power over the generations anyway as females become more and more empowered and modernized. women are beginning to expect a bit more creativity from men as regards dating -- and i think that those who can deliver the psychological goods possess a definitive edge nowadays.

so what's the alternative to dinner and a movie?...
mike pilinski overcame an incredible case of rejection phobia by learning how to mimic certain key behaviors that women find attractive in high status males, the resulting success now forming the basis for the methods that he teaches. visit mike's website at http://0845.com/jxv to see his highly acclaimed e-books without embarrassment and she's yours for the taking: a man's guide to the seduction and enchantment of women

i thank you for taking the time to read this short report and i sincerely hope you take action
and make your life happier and wealthier for the better.
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