comprehensive underground cable fault tester

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adapts advanced technology underground cable detector is the most effective device to detect underground utilities of gas electric power telecom water supply drainage cable television and etc.



1. working frequency: low frequency intermediate frequency high frequency radio frequency. 50hz passive ac frequency.

2. antenna mode: wave trough (vertical coil) wave crest (horizontal coil)

3. sound indicator: changed according to signal’s intensity.

4. current indicator: to display test cable’s valid current value(ma)

5. working temperature: -10°c——40°c

6. rechargeable battery.

7. low battery indicator.

8. battery life:continuously working >8 hours. intermittent working >16 hours.

9. oversize:70×20×11cm

10. weight:3kg (include batteries)

11. signal intensity indicator: ladder diagram digital range 0——999

12. gain control: to adjust by manual dynamic range:100db

13. maximum depth: not less than 5 m. (direct connection method)

14. max. detecting distance: 15km (direct connection method)

15. depth measuring: push depth button three digit display maximum depth can reach to 2.5m.

16. precision: low frequency ±ï¼ˆ1—5)%≤2.5m radio frequency: ±ï¼ˆ5—12)%≤2.5m.

*depends on the environment the quantity of the adjacent pipeline and return current of soil. electricians mobile

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