car code grabber rolling code door opener

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car code grabber rolling code door opener

various kinds of remote control (car remote control, garage door. home alarm series remote control etc ) decoded within 0.1 seconds. through a, b, c, d key to control like the original remote control.

you can open and close the cars without using of any pick tools. you must only open or close the car with the original remote and device will grab the signal and you will be able to open and close this car.

characteristic of the device

graphical interface
35 memory locations
ability to work from usb
update on usb remotely
the range of receiving and sending the signal is r = 100m.
auto mode (the ability to automatically record the decoded signal to the next cell)
silencing feedback
individual pin code for inclusion
ability to work from battery up to 12 hours of operation in reception mode roommates birmingham

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