adorable female yorkie puppy for rehoming

Dogs Chico 05/01/2012 01:46
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cute and adorable female yorkie puppy for adoption she is pure breed, she is current on all her shots, she have also been weaned and dewormed, very socialized at least once a week, she have also been tasted of liver worms so she used to especially with kids, and she also carry on well with other pets , she likes to be carried along and love to treated with much love and passion, she is`usually groomed twice a week and she is always checked by her vet,she is in perfect healthy contact ( and do not forget to add your cell phone number ok thanks dogs chico

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Hi, Nice reading back you and may God bless you , currently have one teacup Yorkie puppy available for adoption , it is a female and her name is Cindy,(11weeks old) she is very beautiful , outstanding , affectionate and very attractive . she is up to date with her shorts and she will be coming alongside with all her documents including the ( The health documents , the vaccination documents , the pedigrees and the 2 years health guarantee ) . All i just need for her is a good and caring home in which she can be love and taken well care of. I\'m located in Alaska , i work here in a newly created orphanage , i help educate the poor orphans who needs helps , the parish is affiliated with the catholic mission foundation here . The reason for me giving Cindy out is just because i do not have enough time to spend with`her since my new job demands more of my time educating the children at the orphanage , that\'s just the reason i am giving the puppy out to a new home , so if you can truly provide the best home for her , then God will surely reward you for that . i am willing to give her out to any one who can afford just her transportation fee of 130$.this is so because i am not selling her or trying to make money from her i just need her to be taking in by a nice and loving family or individual.the transportation fee is if only you are far from my location but if not, then you can come pick her up at my place without any problem. she is well trained , well socialized , and she has a very good temperament , she is from a good and perfect champion bloodlines . So if you are ok and ready to have her` home , then you get back to me now and let me know so we can proceed on how you\'re are going to get her delivered to your home . Like i said , all i will be needing from you is just the best home for the puppy , if you can do that , then that will be alright and fine and we will also be expecting to see monthly updated pictures of you and Cindy so we can see how you\'re taking care of her.Well if you don\'t mine I just wanna know some few things about the home where my babe will be going to: Where are you located?? Are you married?? Do you have kids?? Have you ever had a Teacup Yorkie puppy before?? Do you have a Vet or a Pet Hospital Around Your Area Where this puppy can usually be taken to for check up? How Many do You Want? The Male or The Female? How Soon Do you want this puppy? WHAT\'S YOUR REASON FOR ADOPTING THIS PUPPY??